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Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services

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Key Benefits of Using A Print Management Company

While we are all geared up towards a paperless office, the printing of transactional business documents remains to be a fundamental business process for many enterprises, small, medium or large. Today, companies continue to generate reams of paper for internal correspondence, record keeping, direct mail, and customer-facing letters.

Surprisingly, most organisations do not keep tabs on their printing costs. Reason being, it is sometimes difficult to manually track annual printing costs. A business cannot implement an actionable print cost-cutting strategy if the printing costs are unknown.

A print management company helps you monitor your printing costs by putting  everything into perspective. How many printers do you have? How often do you order ‘print’? What are your documents needs? What aspects of print would you like to cut back on? A print management company takes away all your print requirements so that you can focus on your core business activities.

Managing your print fleet can be expensive and time-consuming. A managed print services company will give your organisation control of the print fleet.

Why should you consider working with a print management company?

1. It’s not expensive

Since the print management company is managing printing needs for different organisations and companies, they have leverage over standalone users as they can purchase in bulk. This saves on the cost of materials such as paper and toners. Ultimately, the print management will pass down the savings to your organisation.

Similarly, print management companies leverage their knowledge of suppliers to find the best market prices for you. This can potentially save you up to 30% of your printing costs. Outsourcing your printing needs will increase your efficiencies and eliminate random purchasing costs.

2. Save Time

Organising print and managing your print fleet is probably not your thing. You might end up spending too much valuable time trying to fix minor printing problems. This can lead to wasted human resources and time that could otherwise have been used on other productive activities.

A print management company also ensures that your work does not stop when printers break down, or simply run out of ink or paper. As part of the contract, the print management company will offer you proactive repairs and troubleshooting of possible printer, fax, copier or scanner problems. They will also ensure that your supplies do not run out, by ordering them on time.

3. Keep a close eye on your costs

A good print management company will use industry-grade tools to provide insights into your daily, monthly or annual printing costs, allowing you to plan appropriately. A managed print provider will analyse your print fleet usage and advice on the best print cost-cutting measures. This data can also help you spot wasteful trends that can trigger changes in your business processes.

4. Print more efficiently

Your managed print provider will help you develop systems and protocols to help you print more efficiently, hence leading to massive savings in paper, toner and electricity costs. Print management professionals will look at how you currently use your print fleet and suggest actionable ways to streamline your production tasks.

With robust print policy rules, print management professionals can stop mistakes such as printing 100 copies of a single paged document. They can also enforce duplex printing where necessary while discouraging simplex printing.

Your print management company can tailor solutions to get work done faster and at a lower cost.

5. Enhance Innovation

A print management company can bring a fresh approach to your lethargic print room. By using innovation and creativity, your organisation can maintain a leading position by having your marketing collateral and printed communications at the forefront of your competition.

6. Increased Security

By using biometric for printing and restricted access protocols to printing, you can rest easy knowing that your printing needs are in line with your company policies. A print management company will give users control over when, how and what can be printed.

7. A catch-all option

A managed print provider will cover all your copiers, printers and ink. Managed print services give you access to multi-functional printing devices that can be used to fax, scan, print and copy your documents of the fly, and on demand. This is a sure way of saving money and time.

There you have it, seven benefits of using a print management company. Call us today to arrange for a free print audit of your enterprise.

Ross Kim

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