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A multifunctional professional photocopier can become the most precious asset of any company.

Have Solutions To Breakdowns

A multifunctional professional photocopier is a shared responsibility. When we finish using it, we must make sure that the next person who makes it serve has no problem. It is convenient, therefore, that everyone who uses these devices knows a brief guide in case of failure of a multifunction printer: on paper jams, changes of cartridges, when the tray fails, etc.

Do Not Print Without Thinking

The use of a printer implies an expense. Assuming that we have in mind the most appropriate behaviors to protect the environment, we must also optimize the resources of the company. You can save ink on document printing in many ways: by changing the font, printing in draft mode or turning the page settings. Remember to control the cost of paper: optimize the space of the pages that are printed and assess each time if it is necessary to make an impression or not.

Safeguard Confidentiality

Cybercriminals tend to use printers as access routes because they are more vulnerable than other devices. It is evident that it is normal to have no knowledge to prevent or avoid these external cyber attacks. However, we can do something to protect the confidentiality and security of printers: do not expose the output tray. If we print documents of high importance, it is advisable to collect them automatically and not leave them in the output tray for a long time because they may end up in the hands contrary to the interests of the company.

Choose the printer that your SME needs, establish a series of rules for the workers of the company and start enjoying pioneering printing equipment at the lowest price and with the best conditions.